Welcome to www.bluecollarcad.com

Primarily, this site is used to transfer large (> 10 MEG)
CAD content, were clients can download their password
protected CAD related compressed files.

CAD Tools:
Autodesk Inventor Premium Suite (and others)
(Current Versions: [2021 beta] Networked)

A variety of derivative file types are available models,
drawings, web drawing format, images, idw, dwg, dxf,
dwf, igs, step (and others)


Warren Powers 
1120 Greenview Drive                    
Woodburn, OR 97071-3602
H: 503-981-8862
C: 503-951-2591
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Encrypted (Password Protected) files by: WinRar

Oregon Institute of Technology, 1980 B.S. MFG Engineering Technologist